Experience the Exquisite Taste of the Nilgiris ️

Craving a truly exceptional cup of tea? Look no further than Homewood Tea, where the mountains whisper secrets of flavor. Our multi-elevation teas, nurtured on the misty slopes of the Nilgiris, offer a symphony of taste in every sip.

From robust black teas to delicate greens, and enticing blends like cardamom and chocolate, explore a world of pure pleasure. We believe in ethical sourcing and sustainable practices, so sip easy knowing you’re doing good for the planet. Order your Homewood Tea online today and embark on a journey of taste discovery. Free shipping on all orders!

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    Homewood Masala Tea

    Weight : 500 g

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    home made strong tea

    Homewood Strong Tea

    Weight : 500 g

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    cardamom tea

    Homewood Cardamom Tea

    Weight : 500 g

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