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Weight: 500 grams


Homewood Masala Tea from Ooty Tea Factory

Amazing Benefits:

The tannins and other chemicals found in tea help in good digestion.

  • Powerful antioxidants found in tea prevent the buildup of plaque in the arteries.
  • The bioactive compounds found in tea helps in lowering the chances for diabetes, especially Type 2 diabetes.
  • They also prevent stomach ulcers, intestinal and gastric conditions.
  • It also has anti-inflammatory properties that rehabilitate digestive issues.
  • Chemicals called theaflavins present in tea, destroy abnormal growth of cells before they can turn cancerous.


Tea is a refreshing and aromatic drink made by steeping the leaves of Camellia sinensis in hot water. Believed to have been discovered in 2737 BCE by Chinese sage/emperor Shennong, tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water.

More than 75% of all tea produced in this world is black tea, 20% is green and the rest is accounted for by oolongs, whites, and yellow tea. In addition to these, tisanes or herbal infusions, like rooibos tea, mate, rose hip tea, and chamomile tea, have also become popular across the global tea community.

However, it is important to note that these infusions are not tea, as they contain no traces of Camellia sinensis leaves.

Tea is a rich source of xenobiotics, a class of secondary metabolites. These metabolites are present in tea plants for their natural defense, but when consumed as part of the dietary intake, they are metabolized alongside water-soluble compounds. This is also why it features in conversations on health and wellness.

The world of tea is as vast as it’s deep. It comes with history – wars have been fought because of it – and legacy. It’s a drink many of us turn to at specific times of the day. Our reasons to choose tea are many, so welcome to a journey in tea. Happy sipping!

About Masala Chai

The word “Chai” while saying itself is set to soothe millions of you who thrive on this all-season beverage. Add some aromatic spices and you are sorted for the day. But till the 19th century tea, as you consume it today, was not as popular or even enjoyed in the way we do today? The Masala chai we see today has undergone a world of difference in the 5000 years of Indian and South-East Asian civilization.

The masala chai can be seen in the humble origins of the traditional Kadha, which was mostly used for its medicinal purposes in Ayurveda.

Also, the popularity of masala chai grew in India. All over the country chaiwallas (tea shop owners) in railway stations began to produce the beverage and sold them to travelers and other passing customers.

They together brewed masala chai in large quantities, serving the beverage in clay pots called kullhads. Each of the railway stations would have several such chaiwallas, eagerly serving tired travelers who had been exhausted by their long journey.

In the beginning, masala chai was brewed with a variety of aromatic spices and was prepared in many different methods and was served both cold and hot, the

contemporary masala chai is a tea drink that is served piping hot. Later on, masala chai was also used as a remedy for mild ailments and did not contain any tea leaves and was caffeine-free.

Nutritional Value of Masala Tea

Masala tea has very high nutritional value. A calorie count below 100, you can have it without any worries and enjoy its multitude of benefits. Consumption of Masala Tea without milk or sugar, has 0% fat and can therefore be recommended to people of all age groups.

It is known to help in weight loss. To get the right amount of calories on a daily basis, you must add masala chai to your diet. This beverage is packed with flavour, and with less than a hundred calories, it is the perfect route to fitness.

Health Benefits Of Masala Tea

1. Improves Digestion:

The chai really helps in digestion. This Masala chai is excellent to regulate the digestive system and keep the gut healthy. The ingredients used such as ginger and black pepper are largely responsible for this as they help produce digestive enzymes that work as catalysts to speed up digestive processes and break down fats and proteins.

2. Prevents Cold And Nasal Congestion

The several properties such as anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial of masala tea prevent colds and nasal congestion. The boosting of immunity by clove and ginger will also help you keep a cough away. Having a glass of masala tea a day is sure to keep you feeling strong and free of a cold. It works best when you are hot. Suffering from cold? A glass of masala tea will make you feel better and recover sooner.

3. Anti-inflammatory Properties of Masala Tea

The numerous spices used in the making of this beverage work together and have a profound effect on the body. This tea has anti-inflammatory effects derived mostly from ginger. The numerous researches show that ginger has a positive impact on reducing inflammation in the body. Another ingredient called clove also has similar effects. Both spices are also known to be effective painkillers.

4. Masala Tea Boosts Energy

Another drink called Black tea, is the basic ingredient of masala chai which contains caffeine that will boost your energy. The caffeine is known to have some negative effects in excessive quantities, the other ingredients of masala tea balance it out.

The masala tea along with spices release balanced energy is just the kick you need to start your day off. One of the natural and healthy stimulants that you can have without any qualms.

5. Masala tea – Boosts the Immunity System

It is very good for the immune system. Ingredients like cinnamon and clove will make you stronger. Creation of a line of defense by Masala tea that does not allow infections to pass through.

Masala tea’s medicinal quality by it’s tasty drink makes it one of the most popular health beverages out there.

Where To Buy The Masala Tea

To get the real flavour and natural benefits of spices added in the Masala Tea, order now here and get a free doorstep delivery. Take a sip of Masala Tea and enjoy it’s benefits.

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