Ooty Homewood Tea

Our premium Nilgiri blends are grown at the highest elevations, where the cool mountain air and rich soil infuse each leaf with exceptional flavor. From classic black teas to invigorating green blends and unique infused creations, we offer a taste of Ooty for every palate.

Steep yourself in the luxury of Homewood Tea. Every cup is a journey to the Nilgiris, a moment of pure indulgence, and a celebration of India’s finest tea.

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  • -15%

    Homewood Masala Tea

    Weight : 500 g 239.00

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  • -21%
    home made strong tea

    Homewood Strong Tea

    Weight : 500 g 198.00

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  • -12%

    Homewood Cardamom Tea

    Weight : 500 g 220.00

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