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Weight: 500 grams


Homewood Cardamom Tea from Ooty Tea Factory

Amazing Benefits:

The tannins and other chemicals found in tea help in good digestion.

  • They also prevent stomach ulcers, intestinal and gastric conditions.
  • It also has anti-inflammatory properties that rehabilitate digestive issues.

Numerous bioactive metabolites seen in coffee can be associated with a useful effect on bone mineral density among healthy adults who report regular coffee intake.

Regardless of the properly-pronounce unfavorable effect of caffeine on bone health, contradictory findings were regularly discover between coffee consumption and BMD in posted research.

Our large scale epidemiology study related to approximately Cardamom Tea 7,000 individuals of osteoporosis. Take a look at showed that coffee consumption change into associate with higher BMD, after accounting for fundamental confounding factors

The use of a metabolomics technique, we in addition showed that a few bioactive compounds in coffee may be accountable for the advantageous association between coffee consumption and BMD.

In 1995 to analyze the incidence of osteoporosis (81.2% girls; 91.8% nonsmokers). Individuals self-suggest coffee consumption via a meals frequency questionnaire.

People report how frequently they fed on espresso all through the beyond 12 months and on common what number of cups (at 250 ml in step with cup) were consume each time.


Researchers carried out untargeted metabolomic profiling with fasting serum samples using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry.

BMD at the lumbar backbone and femoral neck was Cardamom Tea

measured through DXA.

Researchers use linear regression and sturdy regression analyses to analyze the association between coffee consumption and bmd parameters.

For each cohort, 42.4% of contributors mention no longer ingesting espresso and 14.4% mention ingesting multiple cups of espresso every day.

The researchers determine that 12 serum metabolites were undoubtedly correlate with intake, with 5-acetylamino-6-formylamino-3-methyluracil AFMU, quinate, 3-hydroxypyridine sulfate, and trigonelline (n-methylnicotinate) showing the most powerful.

Cardamom Tea
Cardamom Tea

Amongst those metabolites, 11 were formerly associated with coffee consumption and 6 were relate to caffeine metabolism, in step with the researchers.

The metabolite afmu became associate with BMD at the lumbar backbone (p = .013), whereas 3-hydroxyhippurate (p = .027) and trigonelline (p = .043) has relate to bmd on the femoral neck.

Amongst 453 individuals with metabolomics records assessed at baseline and follow-up (median comply with-up time, 10.3 years), 11 skill a hip fracture after assessment (7 women).

In cox regression analysis adjust for age, intercourse, weight, peak, smoking fame and fracture history, better coffee intake become related to reduce fracture risk.

But, outcomes have been now not statistically tremendous.

The researchers mention that the inverse yet insignificant affiliation found among coffee intake and hip fracture danger can be define with the aid of the small impact size of espresso intake on BMD development and the multifactorial nature of hip fracture.

“Even though we accept as true with that extra studies have to be achieve on this place, our message is that espresso intake is not always connect to osteoporosis, and it can also be related to higher bone health.”

“On this observe, we identify a few metabolites which are related to extend bmd. It’d be thrilling to analyze if these metabolites are causally associate with bone mineral density.

Such research may additionally result in the improvement of a novel dietary complement for enhancing bone mass.

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