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    Nattu Sakkarai / Country Sugar

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    16 Mooligai Nattu Sakkarai / 16 Herbal Country Sugar

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    Cane Sugar 10 gm – 25 Sachets


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Country Sugar is a type of unrefined sugar that is commonly used in South Indian cuisine. It is made from sugarcane juice that is boiled and reduced to a thick syrup, which is then poured into molds to harden.

Unlike refined sugar, Country Sugar contains trace amounts of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants because it is not heavily processed. It also has a unique caramel-like flavor and is often used as a sweetener in desserts, beverages, and traditional Indian sweets.

Buy Country Sugar Online: In a world where refined sweeteners dominate, there exists a precious gem that embodies rustic authenticity — Country Sugar. Our online store presents the opportunity to savor this natural treasure with the convenience of Cash on Delivery, ensuring it reaches your doorstep anywhere in India.

Country Sugar is more than mere sweetness, it’s a connection to the heart of rural landscapes, where time-honored traditions converge with modern convenience. Each granule tells a story of fertile fields, rustic simplicity, and undistilled purity, bringing the essence of Indian countryside to your culinary creations.

Amidst the sea of processed sugars, Country Sugar stands as a testament to the purity of rural India. When you buy country sugar online, you’re not merely sweetening your dishes, you’re embracing a taste of authenticity that transcends the ordinary.

Let each crystal of country sugar whisper tales of sun-kissed fields and traditional craftsmanship, enriching your life with genuine flavors and the essence of timeless heritage.