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Palm jaggery chunks on a wooden spoon, promoting healthy digestion.
Palm jaggery, a natural source for supporting a healthy liver.
the Liver
Piece of palm jaggery, a traditional ingredient known to relieve coughs and respiratory issues.
palm jaggery granules, highlighting its richness in essential minerals
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Palm Jaggery / Panai Vellam / Hathlee Ka Gud / Tale Bella / Nalla Bellam / Karipetti

What Is Palm Jaggery? Palm Jaggery, also known as Karupatti or Panai Vellam in Tamil, is produced by boiling and churning palm juice until it reaches a thick and sticky consistency. The resulting mixture is then shaped into round jaggery balls. Renowned as one of the finest palm extracts, Palm Jaggery serves as a well-known natural sweetener and an excellent alternative to white refined sugar. Notably, it is a rich source of various minerals, promotes healthy digestion, and acts as an energy booster. In ancient times, our ancestors embraced the use of palm jaggery, not only for its medicinal properties but also in their daily cooking routines. They would kickstart their day by incorporating this jaggery into their coffee and ensured its presence in their everyday meals. They had no interest in bleached and polished alternatives, opting instead for the purity of natural ingredients. This article discusses the process of manufacturing Palm Jaggery and highlights its numerous health benefits. Additionally, it provides information on how to identify pure and high-quality palm jaggery and offers a convenient online option for purchasing it. Regional Names  a healthy alternative to sugar, is recognized by different names across India. It is referred to as cane sugar, Karupatti vellam in Tamil, bella in Kannada, bellam in Telugu, and gur in Hindi. Numerous studies have demonstrated the health benefits of palm jaggery over regular sugar. If you haven’t come across Palmyra Jaggery before, you’re in the right place! Manufacturing Process of Palm Jaggery / Palmyra Jaggery Abundance of Palmyra Trees in India: Statistics on the number of palmyra trees in India and Tamil Nadu’s significant contribution to palm jaggery production. Collection of Palm Sap: The role of palm tappers in collecting palm sap and the vessels used for collection. Transformation Process: Details on boiling, churning, and molding the palm juice into round jaggery balls. Health Benefits of Palm Jaggery – Rich Source of Minerals:  including iron, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, and its ability to restore hemoglobin levels and relieve fatigue. – Digestive Aid: including its use in postnatal care and activation of digestive enzymes. – Constipation Relief:  dietary fiber content helps alleviate constipation and promote healthy bowel movements. – Weight Management:role in reducing water retention and supporting weight loss when combined with a balanced diet and exercise. – Appetite Stimulation:  improve appetite, particularly when digestion is affected. – Respiratory Health:  positive impact on lung health, cough, and cold relief. – Muscular Strength:  contribution to metabolism, bone and muscle strength, and overall physical fitness. – Recommended Dosage: Guidelines on the appropriate daily intake of palm jaggery. Utilization and Recipes – Inclusion in Dairy and Food Products: The versatility of Palmyra jaggery in various food and beverage items, including tea, coffee, sweets, milk, and curries. – Weaning Foods for Children: The recommendation to use Palmyra jaggery instead of refined sugar in weaning foods for infants. Identifying Pure Palm Jaggery – Adulteration Concerns: Common adulterants found in palm jaggery and their negative impact on quality. – Purity Indicators: Visual cues and spectroscopic infrared technology for determining the purity of palm jaggery. – Importance of Darker Brown Color: How darker brown color signifies purity and higher nutritional value. Buying Palm Jaggery Online – Trustworthy Source: Introduction to the Standard cold-pressed oil store as a reliable online platform for purchasing pure palm jaggery. – Convenience of Online Shopping: Highlighting the ease and accessibility of purchasing palm jaggery online. For the best price on Palm Jaggery in India and delivering across all major cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi, you can call 96772 27688. Enjoy the convenience of free home delivery across the country. Discovering the Goodness of Our Palm Jaggery Indulge in the wholesome goodness of palm jaggery, a nutritional powerhouse derived from the sap of the palm tree. Our black jaggery or palm jaggery balls are crafted to perfection, offering a natural sweetener that not only delights the taste buds but also caters to the health conscious.  The Source Matters: Unveiling the Origins of Our Palm Jaggery Extracted from palm juice (not from sugarcane juice) or date palm from remote village nearby Madurai, our palm jaggery is a rich source of vital minerals and antioxidants. Beyond its delightful sweetness, it’s known to improve digestion.  Quality Assured for Your Peace of Mind For parents seeking the finest details before making a purchase, rest assured—our palm jaggery undergoes rigorous quality checks to provide you with the utmost transparency and assurance in every bite. Natural Sweetness, Tailored for Your Well-being Elevate your culinary experience and promote well-being with our premium palm jaggery. Conclusion:  A natural and nutritious alternative to refined sugar, with a rich mineral content and various health benefits. Understanding its manufacturing process, health advantages, and how to identify pure palm jaggery ensures consumers can make informed choices. With online platforms like the Standard cold-pressed oil store, buying palm jaggery has become more convenient than ever beforA
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Rabi sankar Patnaik



It replaces the white sugar in quality and quantity. I will add the same to my kitchen when I finish the first lot. It is worth the money you paid for.


"Very pure original taste of karupatti,Excellent product also timely delivery and good packaging. Value for money.


Very pure original taste of karupatti,Excellent product also timely delivery and good packaging. Value for money.


Experienced the real taste of oil for the first time
Good quality.


This is a great Palm Sugar for cooking with alternative sugars. We use it for our Paleo baked goods and they turn out delicious. I have some stocked in my pantry at all times. Comes with wax seal under the lid, you need to remove before you use this product.