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Cow Ghee

Cow Ghee Online / Grassfed Cow Ghee / 100% Pure & Fresh Indian Cow Ghee / Village Cow Ghee – For Ayurvedic Health Benefits, Improves Memory Power & Intelligence, Glowing Skin, Immunity Booster & Cleanses the Intestines – 500 ML

  • ✅Enhances & Improves Eyesight
  • ✅Removes Impurities from Body
  • ✅Aids in Overall Brain Health
  • ✅Improve Muscle & Tendon Functioning
  • ✅Contains Vitamin A, D, E & K
  • ✅Prevents macular degeneration & development of cataracts
  • ✅Great for Your Skin
  • ✅Sleep Aid
  • Shelf Life:4 Months

100% premium quality & handmade cow milk ghee which not only adds flavor to your foods but also keeps you healthy and fit.

Buy cow ghee online from Standard brand at the best price & fresh quality. Cow ghee is also known as Pure ghee or Desi cow ghee or neyi

Our Cow Ghee is prepared by the Vedic process, where we use wooden churners and pots to obtain ghee from cow milk. The quality of ghee depends on the source of the milk used in the process. Standard Cow Ghee obtains milk from grass-fed cows which is the best source among all.

Cow ghee contains Vitamins A, D, E, and K. Standard Cow Ghee is known for its super quality, original taste and smell, high nutritional value, and essential health benefits.

Cow Ghee is processed in the traditional way which has medicinal and therapeutic properties. No added preservatives and an ideal product for various cooking needs.

Ayurveda speaks of innumerable benefits of Ghee consumption. Few of those include strengthening immunity, weight loss, and improving digestion.

Below are steps carried out in order to make ghee from Standard.

✅BOILING – The milk is boiled.

✅ CURDLING – Curd is made from the whole boiled milk by adding existing curd.

✅ CHURNING – The curd is churned in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction with a wooden billion.

✅ SEPARATING – Butter & buttermilk is separated after churning the curd.

✅ HEATING – The butter is heated until the water content is evaporated. So, Cow Ghee is also known as Clarified Butter.

  • Source

    Standard Cow Ghee is made of grass fed cow’s milk from village farmers. This is also we call as “Village Cow Ghee”.

    Color, Taste, and Aroma

    It looks yellow in color and gives a great aroma which tempts us. It is one of the ingredients used right from the ancient period. The cow is always celebrated, respected, and worshiped in India. The ghee which is from a cow is seen as a precious one.

    Cow ghee has been there as our part of life from ancient times. Our ancestors had few drops or spoons of ghee on every meal they had. The taste of the ghee gives you very high satisfaction and happiness.

    Uses and Health Benefits Cow Ghee

    In India ghee is used in sweets, savories, drinks, and main dishes. A day without Cow ghee gives us no happiness. The addition of ghee and addition of additional or extra lavish spoon of ghee naturally increases the happiness and optimism. Food is something celebrated in India immaterial of any caste and religion or region. Cow ghee gives a kick to this happiness.

  • ✔️ SkincareShe is full of goodness and when we apply it on our skin, our skin turns to be very soft and moisture. Our ancestors applied ghee on the skin for kids and new mothers for their skin and its growth and good health.

    ✔️ Hair

    Ghee helps in increasing the density and growth of hair. It also helps in growing and maintaining healthy hair with lovely natural texture.


    In Ayurvedic medicinal treatment, ghee is one of the oldest ingredients and is being to consume along with other medicinal products for quick relieved.

    ✔️To lose weight

    Ghee has low fat and doesn’t increase the fat or contribute to fat deposition. It helps in the reduction of weight and to have a healthy vital amount of fat in our body.

    ✔️Cures sore throat and dry cough

    Our ancestors used ghee for many purposes. One of among them is adding ghee to hot water and drinking it. This clears and makes our throat clean.

    ✔️Ghee for babies

    A huge spoon of ghee in babies meal or food daily makes the baby get nourished properly. It also helps in getting rid of excretion or digestion issues.

    ✔️ Cures improper secretion of thyroid

    Consumption of cow ghee helps in regularising the thyroid secretion and helps in maintaining the thyroid gland. It also cures thyroid issues.

    ✔️ Cures piles

    Cow ghee has the properties to cure any digestion issues, constipation and helps in the proper and smooth functioning of digestion. Thereby it helps in curing the piles and prevents from getting constipation and piles.

    ✔️ Cures sinus and other breathing issues

    Having a spoon of cow ghee on a daily or regular basis helps in curing sinus and breathing issues. It helps in having good respiratory system.

    ✔️Cures Ulcer

    Cow ghee has a proper to sort and calm down any wounded part. It acts on the ulcer and heals it completely. Daily consumption of it helps increases the digestion and its process easier, especially in babies and old people.

    ✔️ Increases immune system

    Consumption of a spoon of cow ghee on a regular basis and regular massage all over the body with cow ghee helps and boosts the immune system.

    Let’s add this divinely delicious ghee and stay healthy.

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The flavor, the texture, and the smell of this Standard cold-pressed oil's ghee are so mesmerizing that I just cannot use any other ghee of a different brand.


I’ve tried over 10 organic ghee brands and by far this is the best. Highly recommend it if you are health conscious and into nutrition. It’s worth the price. Been using a long time now and can clearly see the benefits of healthy fats. Delivery is always timely and the products are freshly produced.


Ghee is one of the best quality in the market. Superb aroma and authentic process!

Would request the seller to package this in glass bottle and increase the price. Tin can has a small opening and the cannot be scooped out using a spoon, unless you cut open the can and transfer into another container; which is messy and needs extra tools.


have tried much Standard cold-pressed oil's ghee that Fittuber recommended and found this ghee to be the best. never tasted this much tasty ghee in my life. Its aroma is heavenly it makes a simple roti sabzi meal so amazing


The taste and smell of this ghee are really good. And the best part is that it's still liquid during the cold winter when other ghees have solidified. Yes it's not expensive and worth the money


This Ghee actually felt like pure ghee, it is granular, smell good (although not much), my nose is not that sensitive...) the taste is really good, after buying and trying 200 gms pack, I have ordered 1 KG pack and hoping that the same consistency in the product quality as in the 200 gms pack.