Organic Sweetener

Our organic sweetener, a pure and natural choice for a healthier lifestyle. Indulge in the pure and natural sweetness of our premium organic sweetener. Sourced from the finest organic ingredients, our sweetener is crafted to elevate your taste experience. Enhance your favorite recipes with the wholesome goodness of nature. Discover the delight of true organic sweetness .

Pure goodness of organic honey, country sugar, and a delightful range of traditional treats. Explore our collection of Pearl and Foxtail Millet Chikki, Kadalai Mittai, Sesame Chikki, and Palm Jaggery Peanut Chikki. Savor the authentic flavors of nature’s sweetness with our handcrafted, wholesome offerings

A choice that’s good for you and the planet.Begin your journey to a naturally sweetened life today.

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  • -20% Pet honey

    Raw Honey (Pet Bottle)

    • Anti-allergic
    • Anti-bacterial & Anti-viral
    • Anti-fungal & Anti-cancer
    • 27 Minerals
    • 22 Amini Acids
    • 5,000 Live Enzymes
    • Improve Digestion
    • Boost Immune System
    • Reduce Risk of illness and disease
    • Aids Weight Loss
    • Promotes Healthy Glowing Skin
    • Prevent/Heal Ulcer
    • Supports Good Bacteria
    • Soothes Sore Throat
  • -40% pure honey

    Pure Honey (Glass Bottle)

  • -17% Cane Sugar- Sachets

    Cane Sugar 10 gm – 25 Sachets


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  • -33% Cane sugar

    Jaggery Powder / Cane Sugar

    Jaggery Powder Benefits

    • Sweeten your coffee or tea with a natural touch.
    • Bake delicious cakes, cookies, and breads with healthier sweetness.
    • Sprinkle over pancakes, waffles, or oatmeal for a caramelized twist.
    • Create homemade energy bars with jaggery powder as a natural sweetener.
    • Add a unique flavor to savory dishes like marinades or chutneys.
    • Boost the taste of smoothies and milkshakes with a hint of jaggery sweetness.

  • -33% Cane sugar

    Nattu Sakkarai / Country Sugar / Jaggery Powder

  • -24% Palm jaggery

    Palm Jaggery

  • -14% 16-Herbal Sugar

    Herbal Country Sugar (16 Herbals)

  • -20% honey amla

    Honey Amla

    Buy Honey Amla Online at Best Price

    • Improves digestion.
    • Helps in controlling blood sugar levels.
    • Provides warmth to the body.
    • Alleviates conditions of regular cold and cough.
    • Improves the immune system.
    • Improves liver function.
    • Prevents asthma.
    • Helps in treating infertility.

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