Natural Health Drinks

Forget sugary sodas and artificial flavors. Our natural health drinks are a breath of fresh air for your body and taste buds. Crafted with the finest fruits, herbs, and spices, each sip is a burst of natural goodness.

Rehydrate with electrolytes, revitalize with antioxidants, and feel the difference as your body soaks in the power of nature. Ditch the crash, embrace the glow – explore our range of natural health drinks and experience the true meaning of inner vitality.

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    Amirtham Powder

    Weight : 100 g
    Original price was: ₹200.Current price is: ₹150.

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    beetroot malt powder,

    Beetroot Malt

    Original price was: ₹200.Current price is: ₹175.

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    Health Mix

    Health Mix / Sathumaavu (250g)

    Original price was: ₹120.Current price is: ₹100.

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