High Heat Cooking Oils Combo: Wooden Cold Pressed Groundnut & Sunflower Oil for Frying (1Litre each)

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This combo pack includes:

  • Wooden Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil – 1Litre
  • Wooden Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil – 1Litre


High Heat Cooking Oils Combo: The Ultimate Choice for Health-Conscious Indian Cooking

Discover the power of our High Heat Cooking Oils Combo: a meticulously crafted blend of premium oils designed to elevate your Indian culinary creations while promoting optimal health.

Why Choose Our Combo?

  • Designed for High Heat: Ideal for the searing temperatures essential to flavorful stir-fries, crispy samosas, and the perfect dosa.
  • Heart-Healthy Benefits: Studies suggest that the oils in our combo can help lower cholesterol, support heart health, and provide antioxidants.
  • Authentic Indian Flavors: Imparts a subtle, neutral flavor that lets your spices and ingredients shine.
  • Versatile and Convenient: One combo for all your high-heat needs, simplifying your healthy cooking journey.

Culinary Excellence and Authentic Indian Flavors

Our High Heat Cooking Oils Combo excels in the kitchen:

  • High Smoke Points: Perfect for traditional Indian high-temperature cooking methods.
  • Flavor Versatility: The neutral flavors enhance your dishes while letting your spices shine.
  • Kitchen Staple: From everyday tadkas to special occasion feasts, this combo is your go-to.

Expert Insights:

“This high heat oil combo is a game-changer for Indian cooking. It offers the necessary stability for authentic techniques while prioritizing health concerns.” – Shipra Khanna

Optimize Your Health and Cooking. Order Your High Heat Cooking Oils Combo Today

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Anna Krishnan
High Quality Oils for Perfect Results

Perfect for frying. Withstands high temperatures and adds delicious flavor to food.