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Split Green Gram Dal (Yellow Moong Dhal) / Paasi Paruppu / Moong Dal / Sampurna Hasiru Bele / Pesara Pappu / Cherupayar Parippu

Moong Dal / Pasi Paruppu

  • Our dals are high quality
  • No artificial flavors.
  • No preservatives Dals are a rich source of protein
  • Packaging designed to retain the goodness of days
  • Ideal for making moong dal fry and moong dal tadka


Moong dal is considered as Queen of Pulses and a superfood because of its health benefits. It is the easiest and lightest to digest, among all the legumes. It contain iron, potassium, amino acids and antioxidants.

Moong dal contains folate, which is excellent for pregnant womens and growing fetus. 80% is the recommended dietary intake.

Health benefits of Moong Dal:

1. Excellent for eyes

Moong dal consist of high levels of zinc. zinc in this dal helps in coping with night blindness. It activates an enzyme in body producing Vitamin A, which reduces the night time blindness.

2. Red blood cells nourishment

Moong dal is a dependable supply of iron. It allows to produce red blood cells, which increases the hemoglobin levels. It can prevent a serious problem due to decrease in the red blood cells or hemoglobin levels. The signs and symptoms of fatigue, exhaustion, and infection. Moong beans are a reliable supply for increasing red blood cells.

3. Prevent weight loss

Moong for weight loss is considered notable when you consider that it’s low in fats and rich in proteins and fibre. It keeps you full for a longer time and reduce your cravings. It can detoxify your body, improve your metabolism and immune system.

4. Lowers Levels of cholesterol

Moong can decrease high levels of cholesterol within the circulatory system. It enables in softening of arteries and veins. moreover, it regulates blood pressure.

5. Controls blood sugar levels

Moong can help preserve the body’s electrolytes balanced. It is rich in fibre, is full of carbohydrates, which helps in stabilising blood sugar.

6. Antibacterial Properties

Moong is packed with B – Vitamis. It’s important to consume foods with vitamin B6 because it helps you fight against bacteria. Moong beans contain the antioxidants vitexin and isovitexin, which help protect cells towards free radicals.

7. Rich in antioxidants

It carries healthy antioxidants, together with phenolic acids, flavonoids, caffeic acid, and cinnamic acid. These are crucial in neutralising potentially dangerous molecules called free radicals.

8. Prevents heat stroke

Moong bean soup is a exquisite way to stay hydrated. It is common to drink of moong
soup in the hot summer season days in lots of Asian countries. This is due to the fact moong beans have anti-inflammatory properties that help combat heat stroke, high body temperatures, and more.

9. Reduces the bad cholesterol

Bad cholesterol increases the chance of heart disease. Moong beans have excessive fibre, protein and antioxidant properties that decreases the bad cholesterol.

10. Digestive health

Moong dal is rich in soluble fibre known as pectin, that is extremely good to your intestine and allows maintain everyday bowel actions.

Moong beans have resistant starch. just like soluble fibre, resistant starch enables to nourish your healthy gut bacteria. the micro organism convert it into quick-chain fatty acids (mainly butyrate). It nourishes your colon cells, improves your intestine’s immune defences, and helps you prevent cancer.

11.  Carbohydrates

Our body need carbohydrates which cleans thedigestivesystem. Moong is less likely to cause gasoline and bloating.

12. Healthy in Pregnancy

Pregnant women needs folate to improve fetus development. Moong contain high amounts of folate which is good for pregnant women.

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