Standard Cold Pressed Oil


Palmyra Jaggery

Palmyra Jaggery: More Than Just a Sweetener, a Journey to Wellness Looking for a natural sweetener that’s kind to your body and tantalizes your taste buds? Look no further than Palmyra Jaggery! This ancient treasure, derived from the sap of the majestic Palmyra palm, is more than just a sugar substitute – it’s a journey […]

Almond Oil Price

Almond Oil Price: The Multitasking Marvel for Skin, Hair & Wellbeing Nature’s gift to your skin, hair & soul, almond oil offers an array of benefits. Dive deep into its hydrating power, soothing properties & calming aroma for a holistic well-being experience  benefits for your skin, hair, and overall well-being, leaving you feeling radiant, revitalized, […]

Organic Honey in Bangalore

Disover the Magic of Organic Honey in Bangalore Craving a taste of pure, unadulterated goodness? Look no further than the thriving world of organic honey in Bangalore! Locally sourced, sustainably harvested, and bursting with natural health benefits, our collection offers an unforgettable experience for your taste buds and your well-being. -37% Honey Raw Honey (Glass […]

Til Chikki

Til Chikki: Sweet Treat, Superfood! Delicious & Healthy Snack Til Chikki, a delectable sweet treat bursting with flavor and health benefits. Made with sesame seeds, jaggery, and sometimes nuts, this traditional Indian snack offers a delightful crunch and a wealth of nutrients, making it a perfect choice for any occasion. Made with sesame seeds, jaggery, […]

Pink Salt Price

Pink Salt Price Guide: Unveiling the Benefits & Beauty of Himalayan Salt Elevate your meals and your health with the magical touch of pink salt! Discover its unique price points, unlock its hidden benefits, and find the perfect pink salt for you! Himalayan Pink Salt isn’t just gorgeous, it’s a mineral powerhouse offering health benefits […]

Snacks With Millets

Dive into a World of Delicious & Healthy Snacks Embark on a flavor adventure with Snacks with Millets. These wholesome treats offer a delicious burst of nutrients, keeping you energized and satisfied. Gluten-free, fiber-rich, and good for your heart, it’s the perfect snack upgrade you’ve been waiting for! Perfect for fueling your day or satisfying […]


Kulathi, the ancient, fiber-rich legume taking the wellness scene by storm! Kulathi, also known as horse gram, is a versatile legume boasting an impressive nutritional profile. Rich in fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals, it has been a dietary staple in various cultures for centuries.  But this ancient wonder is finally gaining recognition for its incredible […]

Ulutham Paruppu

Ulutham Paruppu: Your Secret Weapon for a Healthier, Tastier Life The world of Ulutham Paruppu, a tiny lentil with a mighty punch. Uncover its health benefits, culinary versatility, and easy recipe ideas to transform your meals and well-being! Ulutham Paruppu (black gram) packs a punch of protein, fiber, and essential minerals, making it a nutritional […]

Panam Kalkandu

Panam Kalkandu: Sweeten Your Life, the Natural Way The magic of Panam Kalkandu – the all-natural, healthier sweetener! Discover its unique benefits, delicious taste, & versatile uses. Explore a world of sweetness without compromise! The delightful world of Panam Kalkandu, a traditional Indian sweetener with a modern twist! This natural gem, crafted from the sap […]

Pasi Paruppu

Supercharge Your Health with Pasi Paruppu (Moong Dal): The Tiny Lentil with Mighty Benefits! Pasi Paruppu (Moong Dal) is a nutritional powerhouse overflowing with health benefits and delicious culinary possibilities. Dive in and uncover its secrets to unlock a healthier, tastier you! This tiny lentil packs a punch of health benefits, flavor, and versatility, making […]

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