Standard Cold Pressed Oil


How Much Kg Of Groundnut Can Produce 1 liter Of Oil?

It takes 2.5 kg of groundnut to produce 1 litre of the groundnut oil. The value of procurement and processing of the groundnut is around Rs. 90/kg. So, easy math says that Rs. 225/litre is the uncooked fee. The price of bottling and packaging is round Rs. 10/litre. Above this cost, there’s fee of production which incorporates labour, rents, preservation and strength. This has to value another rs. […]

Excellent Poha Calories In Your Daily Diet

Poha is one of the popular Indian weight loss recipes that you can include on your weight loss plan. Made with overwhelmed rice with one-of-a-kind variations of the recipe that is any other best weight loss breakfast Indian recipe. The reason poha is a famous weight loss recipe is that it’s miles low in calories […]

Wood Pressed Oil In Chennai

Wood Pressed Oils in Chennai: Embrace the Purity & Unleash Unparalleled Flavor Journey of flavor and health with wood-pressed oils in Chennai! Extracted using age-old wooden presses, these unrefined marvels retain their natural nutrients and deliver an unmatched taste to your cooking. Dive into the world of coconut, sesame, Groundnut, and more, experiencing their unique […]

First Pressed Oils

First Pressed Oils Nature’s Liquid Gold for Wellness & Flavor First pressed oils aren’t just kitchen staples, they’re liquid gold for your health and taste buds. Extracted without heat or chemicals, they retain their natural goodness, delivering vibrant flavors and a wealth of health benefits heart-healthy fats to powerful antioxidants, discover how first pressed oils […]

Organic Cold Pressed Oils

Cold pressed extraction – Guiding you through the process,Explore the world of Cold-Pressed Goodness! Cold-pressed extraction is a mechanical process that uses pressure, not heat, to extract  oil from  nuts, and seeds. This method preserves more nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins compared to traditional methods using heat or chemicals.. They’re a powerful addition to your health […]


Karupatti (Palm Jaggery) Karupatti, also known as Palm Jaggery or Palm Sugar, is a traditional sweetener widely used in South India and Southeast Asia. It is made from the sap of various species of palm trees, particularly the Palmyra palm or the date palm. One of the key characteristics of karupatti is its high nutritional […]


Induppu Induppu, a prevalent component in Ayurvedic medicine, is replete with essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, and iron. This mineral-rich substance not only contains abundant potassium but also provides a host of other minerals beneficial for the overall well-being of the body. -32% Himalayan Salt Himalayan Nice Salt / Induppu / Indu […]

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