Proso Millet Noodles

Weight : 175 g


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Weight: 175 grams


Proso Millet Noodles | Pani Varagu Noodles | Chhena Noodles 

Contains No Maida, No Added MSG, No Preservatives, Rich in Fibre, Sun-Dried, Helps Weight Loss

INGREDIENTS:Proso Millet Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, Salt, Cluster Bean Powder

TASTEMAKER:Clove, Coriander, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cumin, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Tomato Powder, Salt & Sugar


  • Boil 600 ML water with vegetables and little oil.
  • Add the 175 grams of noodles & tastemaker.
  • Cook for a few minutes in an open pan & occasionally stirs it.
  • Serve without draining excess water.
  • Shelf Life: 9 Months

SERVES: 3-4 persons (approx.)


Eating should never be boring, right? Our parents or grandparents have always forced us to eat green leafy vegetables or foods that are healthy, but not that tasty. But have you ever heard of parents forcing kids to eat noodles? Amazed? Well, you don’t have to if it is Proso Millet Noodles – the healthiest, tastiest noodles you can get your hands on!

When Millets are making a major comeback, thanks to a health-conscious population, proso millet has managed to steal the hearts of many with its versatile nature, ease of growing and cultivating and being the powerhouse of amazing health benefits.

Let’s dig deeper to know Pro so Millets better!

About Proso Millet Noodles

With the Latin name Panicum miliaceum, Proso millet noodlesis one of the oldest crops to be ever grown. It is believed to have been first cultivated in China as long back as 10,000 years. These days, it is extensively cultivated in countries like India, Russia, Nepal, Middle East, Ukraine, etc. It is also grown in the United States but used mostly as a bird feed rather than a food crop.

Commonly known as kashfi millet, hog millet, red and white millet, this is a mildly sweet, oval-shaped grain that varies in color from white to reddish-brown. Because of the plant structure, Proso Millet is also known as broomcorn millet owing to its droopy panicle. This plant is drought resistant and can grow in even the harshest of conditions. With a short life cycle, it produces grain within 60 days of planting and requires minimum water requirements.

Though traditionally consumed in the form of idli, upma, dosa, etc, proso millet is a fabulous ingredient to make your soups, salads, and bread taste yummier! Also, the starch from proso millet is sometimes fermented to make ethanol (alcohol). Surprising, right?

Fun Fact – proso millet noodles  is a life-saver millet. Wonder why?

Proso millet noodles acts as an emergency crop or an intercrop when other crops fail. Whether the soil is less fertile or has a low water retention rate, proso millet grows with no complaints. The awesomeness of proso millet does not stop here.

The soil that has been cultivated with this crop improves in quality thus making it possible to grow other plants in the same soil. Truly a lifesaver, right?

Nutritional Value of Proso Millet Noodles

All of us want to stay healthy. And most people tire themselves out in the gym, try diets that are too harmful, or even devote themselves to any proper food when all they have to do is to include millet in their daily routines. You might have heard this saying, ‘healthy bodies are made in the kitchen.’ This is as true as it can get, my friends! Read on to find out how nutritious is the proso millet noodles.

Uses and Health Benefits of Proso Millet Noodles

Proso Millet, like all its cousin millets, is rich in fiber and has low glycemic content. They are nutrient-rich and gluten-free as well. If a small grain can do such wonders, think how amazing it will be if consumed regularly!

Let’s take a sneak peek into the marvelous benefits offered by this wonder grain.

1. For Neural Health

Ever heard of lecithin? Well, it is a chemical compound found in the human body that stimulates the nervous system. Proso Millet is a storehouse of this chemical compound and thus helps in strengthening our brain and nervous system

2. For Bone Health

Proso Millet is the healthiest for growing children and older people. Why? Because the bones of people in both these categories are either in the growth phase or in the maintenance phase. Proso millet, being rich in calcium helps keep the bone strong and healthy.

3. Fight Cholesterol

Proso millet helps increase the good cholesterol (HDL) in the body. Ever wondered what HDL does to reduce cholesterol? It helps to metabolize the cholesterol content in the body.

4. Fight Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is the most commonly found disease around the world. The high magnesium content in proso millet helps reduce the blood sugar and insulin levels in the body. If you have diabetic patients at home or are suffering from it yourselves, you know the drill!

5. Fight Pellagra

Any idea what pellagra is? Well, it is a skin condition that causes the skin to become dry and scaly. It is mainly caused due to the deficiency of niacin in the body. Proso millets are a rich source of niacin and thus help fight this skin disease.

6. Anti-aging

I think I got your attention with the heading itself, right? Nobody wants to look old and our worst nightmare could be to look beyond our age! Proso Millet is at your service.

It contains antioxidants that help fight the free radicals, which are the primary reason for skin wrinkles, etc.

7. Gluten-Free

Like all Millets, Proso millet is free of gluten and hence is always a better option than rice or wheat. For people suffering from problems like celiac disease, proso millet is now your best friend!

Now if you are worried that the protein content in wheat will be lost by this replacement, fear not! Protein content in proso millet is almost the same as that found in wheat!

Where to Buy Proso Millet Noodles

Do you know the thing about millets? Though it is low maintenance and easy to cultivate, if the quality is compromised, there is a strong reverse in the benefits.

At Standard Cold Pressed Oil, quality is of utmost importance and each grain is cultivated and processed most meticulously.

For the young and old, healthy food is made more interesting now with the Proso Millet Noodles.

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Devika sundar

Wonderful product. It is very nutritious and my kid loves the taste.
Parents who don't find time to prepare such type of nutritious food content can opt for this. Make your kid adopt such food rather than other baby foods