Pearl Millet Noodles

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Weight: 175 grams


Pearl Millet Noodles | Kambu Noodles | Bajra Noodles

Contains No Maida, No Added MSG, No Preservatives, Rich in Fibre, Sun-Dried, Helps Weight Loss

INGREDIENTS:Pearl Millet Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, Salt, Cluster Bean Powder

TASTEMAKER:Clove, Coriander, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cumin, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Tomato Powder, Salt & Sugar


  • Boil 600 ML water with vegetables and little oil.
  • Add the 175 grams of noodles & tastemaker.
  • Cook for a few minutes in an open pan & occasionally stirs it.
  • Serve without draining excess water.
  • Shelf Life: 9 Months

SERVES: 3-4 persons (approx.)

About Pearl Millet Noodles

Bajre ki roti and Bajra Raab need no introduction to Indians. Having its origins from the pre-historic times, Bajra is mostly cultivated in Rajasthan in India. Ever heard of ‘thermogenic foods?’ Bajra is considered to be a thermogenic food because of its ability to keep the body warm, which is the same reason why it is advisable to consume bajra in winters and not in summers.

Bajra is the seed of the pearl millet noodles and it varies in color from white to yellow, gray, or brown. Too colorful, isn’t it?

Bajra is not at all a testing crop. Whether dry or warm, it can grow in any adverse conditions and require the least minimum of rainfall. Since it is mostly consumed by villagers, poor farmers, etc, the grain is known as ‘poor man’s staple food.’ But in no way can Bajra be underestimated, because the power of these seeds is way beyond our imagination.

Curious how? Let’s dig deeper

Nutritional Value of Pearl Millet Noodles

Let us get to the favorite topic for parents. Nutrition. So if you are a parent or even a kid reading this, this is where you have to put your most focus on!

Filled with fibers, nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, etc, pearl millet noodlesis like a dynamo of goodness and health benefits. You will be mind-blown to know what a single pack of Pearl Millet Noodles can provide you with pearl millet noodles

Health Benefits of Pearl Millet Noodles aka Bajra

Still not convinced about Bajra? Well, read on then!

With such a big nutritional resume, Bajra has innumerable health benefits and being a winter-harvested food, the benefits peak during winters, which is also when the body needs the most protection from infections and other diseases.

And as per Ayurveda, once digested,
pearl millet noodles has a stinging smell and hot. They prescribe it to balance the pitta, Kapha doshas.

1. Helps with PCOS

PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a condition that affects a lot of women. Apart from medications and losing weight, the inclusion of Bajra in the diet is very beneficial. The rich iron and fiber content regulates menstrual cycles and also helps cut down abdominal fat.

Helps in Body Detox

The chemical compounds present in Bajra help keep the kidneys and liver clear, thus detoxifying the body of harmful substances.

3. For Gut & Stomach Health

Lactic Acid Bacteria which is formed during the fermentation of the grain acts as a probiotic and protects the gut from diarrhea and other conditions.

Stomach ulcers caused due to acidity in the stomach can be treated with Bajra. It helps keep the stomach alkaline.

The fibers in Bajra help prevent the occurrence of gall stones by reducing the production of bile at harmful levels.

4. Helps Increase Lung Capacity

Asthma is a common respiratory issue found in people and during winters, it can be terrifying. The anti-inflammatory elements and omega-3 found in Bajra help breathe better.

5. Weight Management

The fibers present in Bajra kill the feeling of hunger thus preventing one from consuming too much food. The fibers slow down the movement of the grain from the stomach to the intestine.

6. For Bone Strength

Want strong bones? Bajra is what you need. It is the best grain for bone growth and development as well as to prevent conditions like osteoporosis, arthritis, etc.

7. Best for Diabetic Patients

Being diabetic does not mean you cannot enjoy tasty food, right? With Bajra, both taste & health are at your doorstep. Bajra slows down the absorption process of glucose into the blood.

8. Promotes Good Cholesterol

Cholesterol is the lead cause of a lot of conditions like blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, etc. Hence keeping bad cholesterol (LDL) levels under control and promoting good cholesterol (HDL) is an important task. Well, Bajra is all you need for this.

9. Best Baby Food

Are you a parent and in search of healthy, but tasty food for your baby? Bajra, being an easily digestible food is ideal for them. It is also free of allergens

10. For Skin & Hair Health

Are you struggling with hair fall? Skin problems? The antioxidants and other nutrients found in the grain stimulate healthy hair and helps in keeping the skin looking young and wonderful.

11. For a Good Sleep

A lot of people suffer from insomnia or disturbed sleep due to stress, anxiety, etc. The inclusion of Bajra in the diet ensures one gets a good night’s sleep.

12. For Lactating Women

Due to the presence of both micro, macronutrients, iron, calcium, etc, Bajra is the best option as it increases lactation and provides nourishment for both the mother and child.

Where to Buy Pearl Millet aka Bajra Noodles

Are you one of those people who believe that dieting or eating tasteless food is the only way to become healthy? Well, let us make it right for you.

Introducing the one-of-its-kind, quintessential Pearl Millet Noodles, exclusively for the health-conscious you! Want to buy the product at the most desirable prices?

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Aruna Surya
Wholesome and Flavorful

Wholesome and flavorful option. Great for quick and nutritious meals.