Idly Milagai Podi


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Introducing our delectable Idly Milagai Podi, the perfect accompaniment to your steamed idlis. Made with a blend of aromatic spices and roasted lentils, this traditional South Indian condiment will take your breakfast to the next level of deliciousness.

🌶️ Our Idly Milagai Podi is made using a secret family recipe that has been passed down through generations, ensuring its authentic taste and aromatic flavors.

🌽 Carefully selected lentils and spices are dry roasted to perfection, giving this podi its distinctive texture and rich, earthy flavors.

🔥 With just the right amount of spiciness, our Idly Milagai Podi adds a tantalizing kick to your idlis. The blend of spices creates a harmonious balance of heat and flavors, enhancing the taste of every bite.

🌿 Made with all-natural ingredients, this podi is free from any artificial preservatives or additives, ensuring a completely wholesome and healthy addition to your meal.

🍽️ Simply sprinkle a generous amount of our Idly Milagai Podi on top of your idlis, drizzle some ghee or oil, and enjoy the explosion of flavors with each mouthful.

💯 Versatile and easy to use, our Idly Milagai Podi can be enjoyed in multiple ways. Simply mix it with some oil or ghee, and it’s ready to be served as a spicy side dip for hot idlies. You can also sprinkle it on dosas, uttapams, or even use it as a seasoning for curries

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