Karuveppilai / Curry Leaves Idli Dosa Podi

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Weight: 100 grams
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Karuveppilai / Curry Leaves Idli Dosa Podi

Purely Home Made Idli Dosa Podi, No Preservatives, No Artificial Ingredients

INGREDIENTS:Karuveppilai / Curry Leaves, Bengal Gram Dal, Urad Dal, Pepper, Cumin, Asafoetida, Red Chilli & Salt

HOW TO USE:Best served with Idly, Dosa & Uthappam by mixing cold pressed gingelly oil or cow ghee to the powder. Store in a Cool, Dry Place.


  • ︎Rich in Antioxidants.
  • Excellent for Skin and Hair.
  • ︎Helps in Weight Loss.
  • ︎Treat Stomach Disorders.
  • ︎Good for Diabetics.
  • ︎Enhance Hair Growth and Helps in Retaining the Natural Pigmentation.
  • Shelf Life: 9 Months

SERVES: 5-6 persons (approx)

Karuveppilai is famous in India because of its taste and smell. It’s used with south Indian breakfasts like idli, and dosa.

Karuveppilai idli Podi is rich in vitamin A, B, C & B2. It is a good source of iron and calcium. It can treat calcium deficiency.

It helps in weight loss, can treat constipation,  relieve morning sickness and nausea, eliminates bacteria, suitable for diabetic patients, good for eyesight, reduce stress, helps in the fastest healing of the wound, cuts, or burns.

Health Benefits  of karuveppilai / curry leaves idli dosa podi

Karuveppilai / Curry Leaves Idli Dosa Podi
Karuveppilai / Curry Leaves Idli Dosa Podi

1. Prevent Stomach Diseases

karuveppilai / curry leaves idli dosa podi  is very effective in treating stomach problems like diarrhoea and constipation. It comprise carbazole alkaloids that help control diarrhoea.

Curry leaves additionally have mild laxative properties that assist heal constipation and indigestion problems.

2. Morning Sickness

Morning sickness and nausea may be effectively managed with the consumption of curry leaf tea. It is specially useful for pregnant women to help with their morning sickness.

3. Good Antioxidant

karuveppilai / curry leaves idli dosa podi   rich in few compounds which can be effective antioxidants. These compounds preserve us healthy and protect us from numerous illnesses.

They defend from oxidative damage, preventing illnesses of the nervous system, cardiovascular system, kidneys and more.

4. Reduce Risk Of Cancer

It has anti-mutagenic ability, which protects from cancers.

Flavonoids in curry leaves act as anti-cancer agents. They are powerful in inhibiting the growth of breast cancers cells.

Curry leaves also protect the body from colon cancers. It’s also beneficial in protective our bodies from cervical cancers.

5. Maintain Heart Health

karuveppilai / curry leaves idli dosa podi  protect heart with the aid of preventing oxidative risk. Its also decreases levels of cholesterol and reduces the level of triglycerides.

6. Control Diabetes

Curry leaves has been discovered to be fairly powerful in lowering blood glucose levels. They are rich in fibre which slows down digestion, consequently stopping surprising spikes in blood sugar levels in blood.

7. Analgesic

It’s beneficial in relieving ache and used traditionally as an analgesic (pain reliever).

8. Neuroprotective

Consumption of Karuveppilai turned into discovered to growth the antioxidants that protect your brain.

They have been also seen to be beneficial in alzheimer’s disease by means of protective the neurons from oxidative damage.

9. Antibacterial

karuveppilai / curry leaves idli dosa podi  acts as an antibacterial. They’re powerful in preventing bacterial infections by E.coli and also staphylococcus.

10. Renal Function

They are e effective antioxidants and protect our liver from damage induced because of oxidative stress and reduce inflammation.

11. Treat Anaemia

karuveppilai / curry leaves idli dosa podi  rich in iron and folic acid which is vital in improving iron levels in the body.

12. Good for Eyes

Rich in vitamin A and therefore beneficial for our eyes. They helps in maintaining good eyesight and prevent the improvement of cataracts.

13. Excellent for Skin

Karuveppilai useful in soothing mild burns, bruises and eruptions on the skin. In addition they protect skin from infections.

14. Oral Health

Curry leaves create an environment in mouth that stops the development of bacteria. Hence helps in maintaining oral health and prevent oral diseases.

15. Weight Loss

Alkaloids in curry leaves help in retaining levels of cholesterol in our body. It act as a detoxifying agent, removing toxins from body and stopping the buildup of fats. This helps in weight loss.

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Karuveppilai Powder

Karuveppilai Powder usaully good for hair growth which consumes with the food products for Idly , Dhosa and Rice . Health Benefits Anti oxidant and Anti bacterials stores in glass containers for more number of days