Mahua Oil



Traditional Indian pooja oil made from Mahua flowers.
Pooja Oil
Mahua oil, a natural anti-aging elixir.
Soothing Mahua oil: Massage Mahua oil onto your joints for pain relief
Joint Pain
A person receiving a relaxing massage with Mahua oil for a nourished body.
Body Massage
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Mahua Oil / Iluppai Ennai / Mahua Ka Tel / Ippe Enne / Ippa Puvvu Oil /lrippa Oil

Iluppai Ennai / Mahua Oil / Illipe / Ippa / Vippa / Iluppa – 100% Pure Deepam Oil / Lamp Oil Benefits

    • Relieves one from All Kind of Debts [For External Use Only]

Best lamp oil for pooja purpose

  • Fertilizer for plants
  • Essential oil to treat various skin diseases and disorders

Iluppai Ennai (இலுப்பை எண்ணெய்) is also known as Mahua Oil or Butter Tree Essential Oil or Indian Butter in English. Illupai oil is a non-edible oil and is used only for external use.

Iluppai Ennai is the perfect gift option for all pooja occasions used for pooja lamp oil or deepam oil. Iluppai Ennai is also known as Mahua Oil which is obtained organically or extracted by crushing the dry mahua seeds at room temperature without applying any external heat. Hence, the mahua oil is obtained naturally through the cold pressing method known as cold-pressed mahua oil.

Iluppai Ennai is termed as Ippa Oil or Vippa Oil. Also known as Mahua Oil (or) Butter Tree Essential Oil in English. Iluppai Ennai is 100% the Best Quality Oil for Pooja purposes. Also Known as Deepam Oil (or) Lamp Oil helps to relieve all Kinds of Debt because it invokes the blessing of Lord Shiva. Used for external use only.

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Iluppai Ennai is also known as Mahua oil in English. Mahuwa Oil is obtained from the seeds of Indian plant Madhuca India tree / Madhuca longifolia belongs to the family Sapotaceae.

Mahua longifolia is a tropical tree in India largely found in north & central Indian plains and forests.

The Mahua tree is one of the fast-growing trees which grows to approximately 20 meters in height.

Adaptable to arid environments, being a prominent tree in tropical mixed deciduous forests in India found in the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Telangana, Odisha, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, UP, Bihar, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and West Bengal.

Color, Taste, and Aroma

Oil is pale oatmeal to light ochre in hue. Butter Tree essential oil has a woody, lightly herbaceous & fatty aroma. It looks waxy and thick at room temperature.

Uses and Health Benefits Mahua Oil

1. For Skin & Hair

Mahua oil contains emollient properties used to treat in skin disease, rheumatism and headache. The fat in this oil is used for the care of the skin. Native tribes used it as an illuminant and hair fixer.

Aromatherapy also uses this particular oil as it’s very rejuvenating and also heals skin and gives strength to tissues.

2. As a laxative

Act as a laxative and is considered useful in habitual constipation, piles, and hemorrhoids and as an emetic.

3. For Commercial purposes

Mahua flowers are also used to manufacture jam, which is made by tribal co-operatives in the Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra. Mahua oil is used to manufacture soap or detergents and as vegetable butter. Also used as a fuel oil.

4. Famous Quote in Tamil

There is a saying in tamil “aalai illaa oorukku iluppaip poo charkkarai” indicates that when there is no cane/country sugar available, the flower of Mahua longifolia can be used because it is very sweet. In Tamil, ஆலை இல்லாத ஊருக்கு இலுப்பைப்பூ சர்க்கரை என்று ஒரு பழமொழி உண்டு. அந்த அளவிற்கு சுவை கொண்டது இலுப்பைப்பூ.

5. Lamp Oil

In order to get rid of debt, illupai oil used as lamp oil. Importantly, it evokes the blessings of Lord Shiva.


While lighting the lamp, the direction that you are point towards in which direction also matters:


NORTH – Preferred direction for lighting lamps. To be successful in all ventures undertaken and to bring fortune and wealth.

EAST – Good health and peace of mind from sorrow and enemies.

WEST – Freedom from debt and victory over enemies.

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Health Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

For Skin & Hair?

Mahua oil contains emollient properties used to treat in skin disease, rheumatism and headache. The fat in this oil is used for the care of the skin. Native tribes used it as an illuminant and hair fixer.

For Commercial purposes?

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SRao Rao

Mahua Oil


Good quality with traditional values. Delivered on time is appreciated. The aroma and taste gives me a healthy feel.


The best pain relief oil for joint, muscle pain. I bought this oil for my standard cold-pressed oil. As Mahua oil is extracted from Mahua seeds which is best for Arthritis, joint pain The packing of the pet oil bottle was superb also delivered on time. Thanks, standard!


It's purity is sure as it is an added bonus on the taste of the prepared dish. This oil is very good and light. It seems to be organic. Smell is fine. I recommended to go for it.


Our family feels, the oil is good and surving the purpose

Pooja Kamalapur

For rheumatism, decoction of bark prepared by boiling bark in water is taken internally and the seed oil is applied externally on the affected areas. The bark decoction is given for managing diabetes.
Mahua leaves are used in treatment of eczema. The leave are coated with Til/Sesame oil and heated. This is applied externally on affected area to get relief from eczema. In case of spongy and bleeding gums, four ml of the liquid bark extract is mixed with 300 ml of water is used as a gargle. Gargling with bark extract is also useful in acute tonsillitis (inflamed tonsils) and pharyngitis.
For improving breast milk, the flowers of tree are useful.