Kodo Millet Flakes

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Kodo Millet Flakes
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KodoMilletFlakes/ Varagu Avul – For an All-in-One Wellness Diet

Amazing Benefits:

Kodo Millet Flakes  can be a part of a healthy diet for diabetic patients that prevent blood sugar spikes and promote insulin sensitivity.
Help in lowering the BMI of obese people
Help you in achieving sustained weight loss.
Millets such as foxtail and proso varieties are proven by research to be effective in inhibiting the growth of cancerous cells in various tissues.


Ever heard the saying ‘Eat breakfast like a king; lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper? Well, what does it imply? Your breakfasts are the most important meal of the day. So shouldn’t it be the most healthy and nutritious one? Of course

There are no two ways about it! You hear the word ‘breakfast’ and aval or poha or flakes will probably come running into your mind. But with so many varieties of aval/flakes available in the market, which is the best one? That’s what we are here to tell you!

kodomilletflakes  need no introduction. They are ‘superfoods’ rich in every kind of nutrient one can think of. So what if we had flakes made out of millets, especially a particular type called the Kodo millet, which is known for its superior health benefits?

Amazing, right? Introducing the all-new easy-to-make Millet Kodo Flakes or Varagu Aval, the smartest food option for you!

About kodomilletflakes

Do you know what is unique about this particular type of millet? India is a country where we give a lot of importance to fasting or upvas. This could be due to religious reasons or otherwise. Nevertheless, Kodo millet is considered to be the most popular preference as fasting food. More reason to consider Kodo Millet Flakes.

Like all Kodo Millet Flakes  are also highly adaptable crops. They can grow in the most extreme conditions and give an amazing output within a limited time so much so that from 1 hectare of land, you can get about 450-900 kg of grains. Now we know what to do if we have even a little bit of land available. Grow Kodo, right?

Nutritional Value of kodomilletflakes

Why do we eat food? Do you think it is a weird question to ask? Well, it is not and I’ll tell you why. The basic purpose of food is to keep the body going and keep us alive.

But this is possible only if we eat the right kind of food in the right quantities.

So do you really know what is inside the food that you eat? Let’s take a look at what Kodo Millet Flakes has to offer us.

Did you know that 100 g of KodoMilletFlakes offers 353 kcal energy? Energy or carbs are highly important for our daily bodily functions. Now you know a fantastic source of energy, don’t you? But we need more details. So let’s jump in. That’s an impressive healthy list, I would say. What do you think?

Why do you think KodoMilletFlakes  are called ‘superfoods’ and why are they making a come-back? Here, we’ll see the many benefits of consuming Kodo millet and why it should be part of your diet if it isn’t already!

1. Helps Reduce Weight of Kodo Millet Flakes

Obesity and weight issues are not alien to us. At some point or the other, we have all been there trying to fit into an old pair of jeans. Kodo Millet Flakes being highly fibrous keeps your tummy filling at all times hence reducing food cravings.

2. For a Healthy Tummy

Have tummy trouble? It can be constipation, diarrhea, or just about any stomach issue. Kodo Millet is at your rescue. This millet helps keep our colons hydrated at all times.

3. Antioxidative Nature

Do you know what polyphenols are? Well, don’t be scared of the word. They are just compounds that keep our bodies from aging, diseases like cancer, oxidative stress, etc. And our hero Kodo millets are rich in them.

4. Keeps Cholesterol at Bay

Do you suffer from cholesterol or hypertension issues or does anyone you know suffer from the same? Kodo millet is the best gift that you can give someone suffering from cholesterol. Studies have shown that women who consume Kodo millets have fewer chances of contracting cardiovascular diseases.

5. Gluten-Free

Are you gluten intolerant? Well, KodoMilletFlakes  is a perfect choice for you because it has 0% gluten, unlike rice and wheat. If there is any time to make a switch before getting too sick, it is right NOW!

6.Weight management

The high fiber content in kodomillet flakes can contribute to a feeling of fullness and help control appetite. Including kodomillet flakes in your diet can support healthy weight management or weight loss efforts by reducing calorie intake.

7. Versatile and easy to use

Kodomillet flakes are versatile and can be used in various recipes. They can be enjoyed as a breakfast cereal, added to baked goods like cookies or muffins, or used as a topping for yogurt or smoothie bowls.

Kodo Millet Flakes Recipe

Kodo Millet Flakes
Kodo Millet Flakes

Ditch your traditional poha/aval/flakes recipe and let’s make some mouth-watering recipes with the all-new  kodomilletflakesThe interesting thing about these millet flakes is that they can be used to make smoothies as well and not just solid food. Let’s see one such recipe

Breakfast Smoothie


1 cup water

¼ cup Kodo Millet Flakes

8-10 cashew nuts (or any nut of your choice like peanuts, walnuts, etc)

Flax seeds (optional)

Chia seeds (optional)

½ tsp cinnamon powder

1 piece of dates

1 ripe banana (or any seasonal fruit of your choice)


Mix all the above ingredients in a blender to form a thick delicious smoothie mix. Pour it into a glass and top it with chopped nuts. Viola! Your breakfast smoothie is ready in no time. This is one of the best recipes for weight loss. So if you are in a weight loss program, make sure to add this wonderful smoothie into your morning diet.

You’ll see wonders!Fact Kodo Millet Flakes

The nuts are used as they act as a source of healthy fat and hence should be added without fail. KodoMillet Flakes Also, instead of one, you can use a combination of fruits for the recipe to make it thicker and creamier.

Where to Buy Kodo Millet Flakes

Now that you’ve finally decided to make a change in your lifestyle by choosing Millet Kodo Flakes, it is important to buy the right product to avail the best benefits.

At Standard Cold Pressed Oil, we believe in delivering the best quality products at the most affordable prices. To grab your packs of kodomilletflakes , click the link  here.

Hurry! Before it’s too late!

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