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Indulge in Ooty’s essence of Homewood Tea with our premium selection of  Ooty Strong Tea, Ooty Cardamom Tea, Ooty Masala Tea & Kumbakonam Degree Coffee Powder Delivered fresh to your doorstep within 2-3 working days anywhere in Tamil Nadu, Karanataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. We deliver across India in 5-8 working days. Enjoy the ease of Cash On Delivery and Free Shipping for orders over ₹1000.

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    Cardamom Tea

    Homewood Cardamom Tea

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    Masala Tea

    Homewood Masala Tea

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    Home Made Strong Tea

    Homewood Strong Tea

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    Kumbakonam Degree Coffee Powder

    Kumbakonam Degree Coffee Powder

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Welcome to Home Wood Tea Factory: Elevating Your Tea Experience!

In the serene hills of Ooty, where the air is crisp and the landscapes are breathtaking, lies Ooty Tea Factory – a beacon of authenticity in the world of teas. Established 15 years ago, Ooty Tea Factory mission is simple yet profound: to produce and promote purely authentic Nilgiri teas.

Quick History of Ooty Tea Factory

1. Elevating Taste to New Heights

The late 1900s marked a turning point for Nilgiri tea, as pure blends gave way to mixes and matches with other high-grown produce from regions like Sri Lanka and Assam. However, we at Ooty Tea Factory recognized the need for a ‘pure blend’ of Nilgiri tea, and our commitment to this cause has set us apart.

2. Unveiling the Past, Crafting the Future

In 1858, after early experiments with tea by the East India Company, Nilgiri tea – dried and hand-rolled – was pronounced ‘excellent’ in the London auctions. Today, we bring back the essence of those times with our multi-elevation pure Nilgiri blend, aptly named HOMEWOOD teas.

Why Choose Home Wood Tea Factory?

  1. Freshness at its Core: Our teas are a testament to the freshness of Ooty’s high-altitude gardens, ensuring a rare and refreshing taste with each cup.

  2. Experience the Heights: Try our high-grown, hand-rolled white tea—an exclusive delight that has garnered praise from tea connoisseurs and consumers alike.

  3. Expertise Beyond 15 Years: With a legacy that spans over a decade, our expertise in crafting the perfect blend shines through in every sip.

  4. Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness: Ooty Tea Factory stands as a trusted name, known for its authority in delivering authentic Nilgiri teas.

Trust Every Sip

More than just tea, the Ooty Tea Factory offers an immersive experience. Trust in the freshness, expertise, and authenticity embedded in our Nilgiri teas. Purchase the best Ooty tea online and embark on a journey of flavors, history, and pure delight.

Discover the true essence of Ooty with the Ooty Tea Factory – where every sip narrates a tale!

Your Gateway to Superior Nilgiri Tea – Homewood Teas – A Sip of Rarity

Our signature multi-elevation pure Nilgiri blend, Homewood Teas, guarantees a rare and refreshing taste with each sip. Indulge in the unique flavors and captivating aroma that distinguish our teas. For an exclusive experience, savor our high-grown, hand-rolled white tea, applauded by tea connoisseurs and consumers alike.

Ordering Made Effortless!

At the Ooty Tea Factory, your convenience is our priority. Place your order effortlessly through our website or reach out directly at 9677227688 for COD orders. Prefer the simplicity of messaging? We welcome WhatsApp orders too!

Enjoy Unparalleled Benefits

  • Embrace the ease of cash on delivery for a worry-free transaction.
  • Avail free shipping on all orders exceeding Rs. 1000, ensuring your satisfaction.
  • Experience swift doorstep delivery within 2-3 working days across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana.
  • Nationwide delivery in 5-8 working days, bringing the essence of Ooty to every nook and cranny of India
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