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6 Types Of Lamp Oil And Its Benefits

Hinduism and plenty of other faiths the world over advise the usage of lamps and light in prayers.

The mild symbolizes the absence of darkness, grief and sorrow.

The oil lamp, Diya, Deepa or deepam is lit to bow right down to information and put off darkness from our houses.

It’s far normal to mild a lamp before starting any auspicious occasion or rite and is a steady fixture in the “pooja” or holy room in every domestic in India.

By using lighting lamps, the glow of the almighty is stated to unfold throughout one’s home and is an invite to the gods to visit our homes.

It’s state in Sri Agastya maharishi’s bhrama rahasyam: The vibration which emerges from the lamp will work as a 3 dimensional Vastu protector, tremendous strength enhancer and bestower of peace and prosperity.

Although using any precise oil for lighting fixtures lamp is a personal preference, beneath given are advantages of the usage of unique oils as consistent with private reports and acknowledge the information.

1. Desi Ghee

Cow’s ghee is consider exceptional for puja and lightning lamp purposes. However nowadays what is bring in the marketplace within the name of desi ghee is not desi ghee in any respect.

“Ghee” must be from an indigenous breed of indigenous desi cow. If prepared by using a vedic manner the ghee will become spiritually energized with fantastic energy, thus organising total physical, mental and religious concord.

Agni Purana praises the ghee lamp the most but it also states that for cleaning of the chakras and Nadis. Ghee lamp purifies the Manipur and Anahata chakras.

Lighting a lamp with cow’s ghee will entice all of the wonderful vibrations within the surrounding environment. This will also kill poverty and will enhance the wealth, health of 1’s circle of relatives.

This can additionally gift goddess Mahalakshmi’s advantages. Actual cow ghee is not reasonably price and though we are not penning this weblog to promote any precise logo, thru personal revel in we can say that path media, the gospel is few very reliable manufacturers for real cow’s ghee.

One also can technique neighbourhood cow milk vendors in villages for actual cow ghee.

Lamp Oil

Iluppai Ennai, also recognized as Mahua Oil, serves as an ideal gift choice for various pooja ceremonies, specifically designed for use as lamp oil or deepam oil. Obtained organically, this oil is derived by crushing dry mahua seeds at room temperature without the application of external heat. Therefore, Mahua Oil is naturally acquired through the cold pressing method, commonly referred to as cold-pressed mahua oil.

Lamp Oil
Caster Oil

3.Castor Oil

The Castor Oil  or deepam oil is strongly advise to mild a lamp to nullify all evil and produce know-how, health and rich into your home.

The Castor Oil is the combination of 5 oils in best and pure percentage to make certain that the purity and sanctity of your prayers are protect.

Each of those five oils has their significance and need to be mixed in the suitable ratio inside the purest feel.

Lighting fixtures lamps with Pancha deepam oil bring happiness, health, wealth, fame and prosperity to your own home.

 Carries sesame oil or coconut oil ( 35%), cow ghee (20%), mahua oil (20%), castor oil (15%) and neem oil (10%), although it to in the marketplace in different ratios too.

4. Sesame oil

Sesame oil or greater popularly called gingelly oil or til oil, lightening a lamp with it’s going to remove doshas and repels evil spirits.

Til oil helps to dispose of long period issues and can take away boundaries from one’s life.

In case you are doing mantra Japa or sadhana of lord bhairava, then sesame oil is enormously recommend for lightening lamps.

This is less expensive than Pancha deepam oil but highly-priced than mustard oil.

Mustard-Oil- For Lamp Oil

5.Mustard oil

Mustard oil is the maximum popular choice to lit the lamps as it’s easy to be had anywhere and pocket pleasant.

The usage of mustard oil for lighting Diya eliminates doshas related to planet Saturn and additionally wards of diseases.

Much like another product mustard oil available in the market comes in many characteristics from natural to combined.

Standard cold pressed oil is one of the best oils. One can also approach a nearby oil mill and get the purest shape of mustard oil. Or you can also order online!

6. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a more popular choice of oil in southern India. It said that the use of these puja lamps pleases Lord Ganesha. The purest form of coconut oil is easily available in Standard Cold Pressed Oil.


Bonus Points :

Neem, Mahua, Castor, Jasmine oil and many others are much less famous oils used for lightening lamps, however, one can use these. Most of the time those are combined with other oils for easy use.

Note:- Please avoid using groundnut oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, vegetable oils, rice bran oil, synthetic oils, cottonseed oil and so on for lightening diya.

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