Pirandai Biscuit


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Pirandai ,Finger Millet, Country Sugar


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Pirandai Biscuit

The all-new PowerBite Crunch, a delectable and wholesome delight catering to those in search of a nutritious snack! Carefully crafted with love, these crunchy treats boast the finest, hand-picked ingredients, Brimming with vital nutrients, essential vitamins, and powerful antioxidants, each mouthful of these biscuits promises an invigorating and satisfying experience.

Embrace the remarkable health advantages of PowerBite, renowned for its remarkable support in promoting joint health and enhancing digestion. Relish guilt-free indulgence as these biscuits are expertly baked to perfection, preserving all the natural goodness while delivering an irresistible taste. Whether you’re at the office, school, or simply on-the-go, these biscuits are the ideal go-to snack for any time of the day.

So go ahead and savor the goodness of PowerBite Crunch, a truly irresistible fusion of nutrition and flavor that will leave you longing for more! Treat yourself to this exceptional snack that not only pleases your taste buds but also nourishes your body with each delightful bite

Pirandai BiscuitHealth Benefits

  1. Primarily, it is used to promote and enhance bone health, making it a valuable choice for those seeking to improve their skeletal strength
  2.  It also proves effective in reducing flatulence and managing symptoms of anaemia


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