Kollu / Horsegram Idli Dosa Podi

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Kollu / Horsegram Idli Dosa Podi

Purely Home Made Idli Dosa Podi, No Preservatives, No Artificial Ingredients

INGREDIENTS: Kollu / Horsegram, Bengal Gram Dal, Urad Dal, Pepper, Cumin, Asafoetida, Red Chilli & Salt

HOW TO USE:Best served with Idly, Dosa & Uthappam by mixing cold pressed gingelly oil or cow ghee to the powder. Store in a Cool, Dry Place.


  • Promote Weight Loss.
  • Super Food in Treating Malnutrition.
  • ︎Treat Asthma and Bronchitis.
  • Helps in Digestion.
  • Shelf Life: 9 Months


Kollu /Horsegram Idli Dosa Podi  is a healthy ingredient to add to your diet. It’s a tasty meal and an authentic Indian recipe.

It has weight losing benefits and many other benefits which are great for your body. Ingredients in this are of high quality with no added colorant or preservatives.

It reduces the bad cholesterol, helps in weight loss, contains high amounts of fiber, helps in digestion and reduce constipation, good source of iron, and also reduces the blood sugar levels

Kollu /Horsegram Idli Dosa Podi
Kollu /Horsegram Idli Dosa Podi
  1. High nutritional content:  kollu / horsegram idli dosa podi itself is a rich source of protein, dietary fiber, iron, calcium, and various vitamins and minerals. When used in the podi, it can contribute to the overall nutritional profile of the dish.
  2. Good source of protein: kollu / horsegram idli dosa podii is known to have a higher protein content compared to other lentils. Including it in the podi can provide an additional protein boost to your diet, which is essential for various bodily functions and muscle repair.
  3. Rich in dietary fiber:  kollu / horsegram idli dosa podiis an excellent source of dietary fiber, which helps promote healthy digestion, regulate blood sugar levels, and prevent constipation. The fiber content in the podi can contribute to improved gut health and overall digestive well-being.
  4. Potential weight management: kollu / horsegram idli dosa podi The high fiber content in  Kollu /Horsegram Idli Dosa Podi can help increase satiety, keeping you fuller for longer periods and reducing unnecessary snacking. It may aid in weight management by controlling appetite and supporting a balanced diet.
  5. Antioxidant properties: Some of the ingredients used in the podi, such as curry leaves.
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Customer Reviews

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The very nice gun powder makes awesome chutney for dosa, and idli. Can be eaten with rice and ghee and it tastes awesome. The customer support team keeps us posted on the dispatch and delivery updates.....

Suresh Yaram

Good product and with great value

Rhadhika Krishnan

Standard idli powder combination with idli and dosa is very nice, we have regularly consuming