Aavaram Poo Biscuit


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Aavaram Poo, Millets, Country Sugar.



Aavaram Poo Biscuit

Their tender sweetness flawlessly harmonizes with the airy and crunchy texture, transporting your taste buds to a celestial symphony with every delectable bite.

Embark on an enchanting journey of flavors as the Aavaram Poo Biscuits whisk you away to cherished memories of the past. Crafted from the finest ingredients, they are a delightful indulgence that infuses warmth and happiness into any gathering.

Whether paired with your morning cup of coffee or relished during a leisurely afternoon, these biscuits offer an exquisite way to embrace India’s rich cultural heritage. Let the magic of Aavaram Poo Biscuit unfold on your palate, as your taste buds waltz with sheer delight.

Elevate your snacking experience with these extraordinary biscuits that evoke nostalgia and pure bliss, ensuring that each moment becomes a delightful celebration of flavors and traditions.

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