Ratna Purush Idly Podi


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Weight: 100 grams
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Ratna Purush Idly Podi 

INGREDIENTS:Ratna Purush, Bengal Gram Dal, Urad Dal, Pepper, Cumin, Asafoetida, Red Chilli & Salt

HOW TO USE:Best served with Idly, Dosa & Uthappam by mixing cold pressed gingelly oil or cow ghee to the powder. Store in a Cool, Dry Place.


  • Improves Vigour & Strength.
  • Corrects Nervous Weakness.
  • ︎Natural Libido Enhancer.
  • Corrects Erectile Dysfunction & Oligospermia.
  • Safe for Long-Term Use.
  • ︎Promotes Spermatogenesis.
  • Improves Sperm Motility & Morphology.
  • Enhances Semen Volume.
  • Very Useful in Semen Weakness & Semen Decay.
  • Gives Muscular Strength & Nervous Potency.
  • Cures Spermatorrhoea.
  • Imparts Strength to the Body.
  • Shelf Life: 9 Months

SERVES: 5-6 persons (approx.)

Orithal Thamarai Idli Podi

Orithal thamarai is a widely recognized herb in Tamil Nadu regarded for it’s amazing capacity to enhance testosterone in men.

All of the parts of the plant is used as a medicinal drug and though it is very well-known particularly for it’s potential to enhance the testosterone levels in men, it has different medicinal use of like treating anemia and enhancing immunity.

Orithal Thamarai Podi
Orithal Thamarai Podi

Health Benefits Of Orithal Thamarai

1. Orithal Thamarai for Men’s

Orithal has shown to increase the testosterone in adult males and also has aphrodisiac properties.

2. Orithal Thamarai Hypolipidemic

Orithal thamarai podi has cholesterol reducing properties, everyday consumption of orithal thamarai podi will bring about reduce in cholesterol.

3. Antioxidant & anti Diabetic

Orithal thamarai podi has antioxidant properties, which allows reduce oxidative pressure very efficaciously. It also reduces blood sugar levels.

4. Treat Anemia

Another important use of orithal thamarai podi is to treat anemia as the extract of orithal thamarai has excessive amounts of iron.

5. Lowering Body Heat

The decoction of the plant is used for lowering body heat, this use is pretty famous and is observed in village sides. The extract also has anti allergic and pain decreasing properties.

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ratana Purush idly podi

Really loved the spice! Definitely ordering more! Kudos to the manufacturers ..fresh smell and appropriate packaging.. thanks a lot!