Mudakathan Idly Podi


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Weight: 100 grams
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Mudakathan Idly Podi 

Mudakathan, Bengal Gram Dal, Urad Dal, Pepper, Cumin, Asafoetida, Red Chilli & Salt

HOW TO USE:Best served with Idly, Dosa & Uthappam by mixing cold pressed gingelly oil or cow ghee to the powder. Store in a Cool, Dry Place.


  • ︎Treat Joint Pain.
  • Promoting Hair Growth.
  • ︎Eases Menstrual Cramps.
  • ︎Treat Infections.
  • ︎Increases Fertility.
  • ︎It has Anti Inflammatory & Antioxidant Properties.
  • ︎Reduces Convulsions.
  • ︎It has Antipyretic Properties.
  • Shelf Life: 9 Months
  • Mudakathan is an Indian traditional medicine for the treatment of rheumatism and stiffness of limbs. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties.It is mostly served with idli which is not only tasty but also has several benefits. Mudakathan has gastric and laxative properties.Effective in treating cold, cough, and nervous disorders and excellent home remedy.

    Mudakathan keerai Nutritional Value

    100 grams of mudakathan keerai has around 61 energy
    4.7 grams of protein
    0.6 grams of fats
    9 grams of carbohydrate

    Mudakathan Keerai Medicinal Use

    1. Anti Ulcer PropertiesEvery other vital property of is it’s anti ulcer properties. Mudakathan keerai extract were given via boiling the leaves in water has a mild anti ulcer properties and people who be afflicted by acidity will substantially gain including mudakathan keerai on your diet.2. Anti Diarrheal PropertiesThe water extract of mudakathan keerai has antidiarrhoeal activity and has been traditionally used in India. It has been tested through studies and this is because of the presence of tannins, flavonoids, alkaloids, sterols, triterpenes and saponins present in mudakathan keerai.3. Increase FertilityAny other exciting assets of mudakathan keerai is it’s capacity to increase sperm motility and sperm rely. Just having mudakathan keerai often for 30 days increases sperm count substantially and there is an increase in serum testosterone levels too.

    4. Anti Arthritic Activity

    Mudakathan keerai has been used for treating arthritis in and this traditional use has been backed by research. We generally supply mudakathan keerai in the shape of dosai or rasam to patients tormented by arthritis often and it greatly allows lessen the irritation and pain.

    5.  Anti Inflammatory & Antioxidant Properties

    Mudakathan keerai has remarkable antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. The flavonols, glycosides and phenols found in mudakathan keerai is accountable for it’s anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also has analgesic properties (pain relieving properties), which makes it very effective for decreasing all varieties of inflammations.

    6. Anti Bacterial Properties

    Mudakathan keerai has powerful anti bacterial properties and all components of the plant has anti bacterial properties and they’re powerful against 5 traces of micro organism.

    7. Mosquito Repellent Properties

    Another exciting use of mudakathan is it’s potential to repel mosquitoes when applied externally on skin.

    8. Anti Fungal Properties

    Mudakathan keerai additionally has powerful anti fungal properties. The 2 chemical substances that has been answerable for the maximum anti fungal activity of mudakathan keerai are luteolin and rutin.

    9. Anti Convulasant Properties

    Mudakathan keerai has anti convulasant properties too. The extract while given to rats that had been given electric powered surprise decreased the convulsions greatly. For the extract the complete plant extract become used and the dosage used changed into 350 mg of extract per kg body weight.

    10. Anti Pyretic Properties

    Mudakathan keerai has fever reducing properties. It’s also one of the good remedies for reducing malaria fever

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