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Buy Coconut Scrub Pad Online in India

  • Dishwashing Scrub Pad
  • Used to wash home utensils
  • Biodegradable
  • Eco Friendly Scrub Pad
  • Best Alternative to Nylon Scrub Pads
  • Fine Finishing
  • High Quality
  • Tear Resistance
  • Non Scratch Pads
  • Very Fresh & Neatly Packed

Coconut Scrub Pad is made up of coconut coir which is 100% biodegradable material and is perfect to be used in dish washing and cleaning. This is eco-friendly scrubbing pad is easy to use, easy to clean, and lasts long.

Coconut scrub pad comes in the shape of a rectangle for better scrubbing, is extremely lightweight, and has a strong absorbent structure. Also, helps in cleaning dishes effectively and efficiently.

The stitched scrub pad is strong, durable, and has a high absorbency rate. The product can be used to clean a vast variety of items such as utensils, beverages, cutlery, cookware, tableware, and kitchenware.

Our Coconut scrub pad can be used to clean a vast variety of items such as utensils, beverages, cutlery, cookware, tableware, and kitchenware.

The coconut scrub pad is ideal for dish washing, kitchen, pots, and pans, etc. The coconut scrub pad can be used to clean the body, too. The pad can be used vigorously to clean the body parts like feet, knees, elbows, hands, and nails.

Call 96772 27688 to Buy a Coconut Scrub Pad Online at the best price in India. Home Delivery is Available all over India including all major cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, and Delhi.A pack of 8 coconut scrub pads is very useful to clean cookware.


Coconut scrub pads are made of 100% coconut fibers bound together with a non-toxic adhesive. This pack of dishwashing scrubs has been made from natural coconut coir and rubber grown in the lush green lands of Southern India.

Uses and Health Benefits of Coconut Scrub Pad

1. Multi Usage

This is a natural coconut scrub pad that can be used for various purposes for dish washing, glass cleaning, windows cleaning, and fine ceramics. Safe cleaning for kitchen appliances, fine furniture & metal surfaces.

Tough & safe cleaning for cast iron cookware, coffee pots, and more.

2. Bio-degradable

This is 100 % bio-degradable and an eco-friendly product.

Made without metals, so the products will not rust. Since this is all-natural it is biodegradable and safe for the planet.

3. Safe Food & No Fear

If you are a regular user of nylon scrub pad or metal scrub pad in your kitchen then you might have noticed the minor particles or thin particles in rice or in your food sometimes which leads to fear of consuming the cooked food.

Please switch to our traditional coconut scrub pad which leads to safe food. If it is found in your food, you can still consume the food without any fear.

4. Commercial Use

This product is ideal for use in any kitchen or even in restaurants, and other commercial kitchen settings.

5. Robust

These coconut scrubs were traditionally used in our homes in ancient times and the coir is very robust when it comes to washing your home utensils.

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The product is of very good quality, comfortable to clean


Really nice coir scrubber. It expands and softens on repeated use. So it's good for the non-stick wire. It lathers the soap very well, and when soft it does the work of a sponge. The fibers separate and break after a while, which only confirms its purely natural origin.


Useful product. They are long-lasting, soft, and do an effective cleaning. Very natural no harm to hand. No scratches on vessels...This scrubbing is perfect for cleaning grime from counters, stoves, dishes, and many more. Use it to wash anything from dinner dishes to the windows.

Usha Rayi

U guys making superb work well done! Keep going


Coco scrub pad is use to use


In daily use in kitchen. Ordered many times. After prolonged use I put some water and bleach in the sink and soak the sponge wipe until it brightens up and is cleaner. These will last about a month in constant daily kitchen use, and after it looks like it should not be in the kitchen anymore I save them and use them outside for wiping off balconies, or motorcycles, or other outdoor things.